At a John and Shelly Band concert, you can anticipate an electric atmosphere. The band's energetic stage presence creates a vibrant ambiance that captivates the audience. They engage with the crowd, making everyone feel like they're part of something special.

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These Two have a Great Smooth Sound,Very Unique Vocals,Watching Shelly Play That Bass & Sing Like She Does Made Me Smile,(Good Bass Player) I Like Your Voice, The Same For John, Great Vocals, (Good Guitar Player) & Owns The Neck, Tasty, You Made A Fan Today!”
Gary Kochakji Hey There, John and Shelly, I'm also a musician singer song writer and this song appeared in my news feed ( as sometimes happen when acts advertise on Facebook) and I must say, this is a really cool song, very trippy, and the very first song of all the songs I've checked out from my news feed that I actually Really Like. But, I tend to like stuff, that is NOT cookie cutter muzak, that sounds like styles I've been hearing for years. Cool catchy guitar hooks John. And it's such a haunting sound when you both sing the melody an octave part. I was picturing myself driving through the desert at like 3:00am and hearing this on the radio, perfect sound track, man ! Honestly, I'm surprised that I'm the first person to like and comment on this. Well, I hope you find "Your Audience" on Facebook. I 'm not sure , but on my "About" part on my facebook timeline I may have described the music I prefer as looking for something rhythmic or different. Perhaps that's why Facebook sent it to MY news feed. Well, regardless....... Me Like ! (y) Is it Ok if I share the song to my timeline?”